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Brand Design

Brow Boutique

In this brand design project, I had the privilege of crafting a captivating identity for a renowned brow specialist. My goal was to create an eye-catching, "Instagram Worthy" logo that reflects the expertise and sophistication of Brow Boutique.

The main logo design embodies the perfect balance between boldness and grace. I selected two fonts to capture the essence of the brand. The first font, a heavy serif, exudes strength and confidence, while the contrasting lighter script font adds a touch of delicacy. To enhance the visual impact, I artfully incorporated a subtle yet striking dark blue drop shadow, lending depth and dimension to the typography.

For the color palette, I chose a baby blue as the primary hue. To infuse a whimsical and ethereal vibe, I introduced watercolor clouds and graceful blue butterflies as charming accents.

In addition to the main logo, I have also developed an alternate logo that seamlessly incorporates elements from the primary design. This versatile logo provides flexibility and serves as a unique visual identifier for Brow Boutique across various applications.

To ensure a cohesive brand experience, my project extends beyond the logos. I  crafted a comprehensive suite of collateral, including a stylish price list, a captivating business card, and Instagram highlight icons. These elements harmoniously complement the brand's visual identity.

Year /  2023

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