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Brand Design

Glow Organics

In this exciting project, I had the pleasure of crafting a vibrant brand identity that captures the essence of Glow Organics' mission. Glow Organics is a modern up and coming skincare brand.

At the heart of the design lies a playful and modern skincare experience. The chosen color scheme, a delightful combination of bright contrasting yellow and purple, sets the stage for a visually captivating journey. These hues exude energy, joy, and a sense of fun, perfectly aligning with the brand's desire to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

For the typography, I carefully selected a sans serif font with a playful vibe. This font adds a touch of whimsy to the overall visual identity, perfectly reflecting Glow Organics' commitment to offering a joyful skincare experience. The typography not only communicates the brand's message effectively but also creates a cohesive and inviting aesthetic across all touchpoints.

In addition to the packaging design, I also created a collection of Instagram feed templates to extend the brand's playful and modern persona into the digital realm. These templates are designed to harmonize with the overall brand identity, featuring vibrant colors, engaging layouts, and a touch of playfulness. With these templates, Glow Organics can confidently showcase its products and connect with its audience in a visually compelling and interactive way.


The packaging design and Instagram feed templates work together seamlessly, presenting a holistic brand experience. From the moment a customer receives a Glow Organics product, the bright and contrasting color palette, combined with the playful typography, conveys a sense of excitement and anticipation. This feeling continues as they explore Glow Organics' vibrant social media presence, immersing themselves in the brand's joyful and modern skincare journey.

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